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Ultra Violet Pancakes

Imagine waking up and walking out to a plate of this gorgeous plate of Ultra Violet Pancakes! We would definitely not hit the snooze button. With the power of Suncore Foods® Ultra Violet Pancake Supermix, a gorgeous stack of fluffy and addictive pancakes can be piled up in no time! And with all this extra time, you have on your hands add some amazing garnishes to elevate the pancakes even more. Suncore Foods® Forget Me Not Flower Superblooms not only look absolutely stunning atop the purple pancakes, but they add a subtle depth of flavor and slight crunch with every bite. With some fresh berries and your favorite syrup, this will be your next go-to for any special affair! 


For Pancake:
1 1/2 Suncore Food® Ultra Violet Pancake Supermix
1 1/2 cup of milk

For Garnish:
Maple Syrup
Fresh Berries
Suncore Food® Forget Me Not Flowers Superbloom




1. Combine Suncore Foods Ultra Violet Pancake Supermix with milk and stir well until incorporated. Set aside for about 5 minutes.

2. Preheat a frying pan over low heat and spray some Pam oil over it. Pour the batter into the pan and cook over low heat for about 3minutes. Flip the pancakes and continue cooking for 3 more minutes.

3. Serve with berries, Forget Me Not Flowers, and maple syrup.



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