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Rainbow Pancakes

Impress your mom & serve this show stopping, fun & colorful Rainbow Pancakes in brunch or breakfast in bed in the comfort of your home using Suncore Foods® Pancake & Waffle Mixes. A sweet twist on a classic that sings with beautiful color. Light & fluffy. Simply delicious in each bite. Go ahead and whip up delicious pink, blue, purple and green pancakes, there's no doubt mom will appreciate taking the morning off.


Serves 2

½ cup Suncore Foods® Ultra Violet Pancake & Waffle Mix
½ cup Suncore Foods® Zen Midori Matcha Pancake & Waffle Mix
½ cup Suncore Foods® Power Pink Pitaya Pancake & Waffle Mix
½ x 3 cup vanilla oat milk
Fresh fruit to serve
Maple syrup to serve


1. In 3 separate bowls, combine each Suncore foods® Pancake & Waffle Mix with ½ cup vanilla oat milk making 3 separate batters. Follow package instructions and cook the pancakes one Suncore foods® Pancake & Waffle Mix at a time.

2. Serve hot with maple syrup and fresh fruit. Enjoy!