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Suncore Foods® Blueberry & Zen Midori Matcha Pancake Cereal

We love our Pancake Supermix so much that we turned it into cereal! For the ultimate breakfast, of course we had to combine our morning essentials! Made these fantastic Blueberry and Matcha Pancake Cereal with our Suncore Foods® Zen Midori Pancake Supermix⁣ for the sensational greens and revitalizing matcha flavor. Once you makes these, you'll be wishing you had these every morning! We love this cereal so much that it has made its way into our midday treats and snacks when we're on the go. Check out our other Pancake Supermixes for more fun and tasty options!


1 1/4 cups or 150g Suncore Foods® Zen Midori Pancake Supermix⁣
3/4 cup or 180g soy milk
3 tbsp or 55g dairy free yogurt


1. Mix all ingredients and well combined and smooth. ⁣ Fill a squeeze bottle. Heat coconut oil in a pan, squeeze out a small amount of batter for each cereal pancake. Cook pancake until it starts to bubble. Then flip and cook through for another 1 minute. Repeat until all the batter is used. Serve with blueberries. Enjoy! ⁣

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