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Cute Pizza Cake

Take your pizza night to new heights with this cute, cheese “pizza” cake with cheesy filling that everyone will rave about! This incredible pizza cake is actually a delicious cloud-like chiffon cake made with Suncore Foods® Powders (Aqua Blue Spirulina, Midori Jade Matcha, Red Beet, and R uby Red Radish) to look like a classic pizza! The detail is so much fun from the mushroom and pepperoni slices to the cheese and tomato base, it is the sweetest pizza you'll ever taste! This pizza cake is not only great looking and super tasty, it is also very easy to make than it looks. Great for getting kids involved in the process!


Cheese Chiffon Cake:
2 egg yolks
10g superfine/castor sugar
30g vegetable/corn oil
30g milk
40g cake flour, sifted
30g parmesan cheese powder
Pinch of baking powder
Pinch of salt
2 egg whites
36g superfine/castor sugar
Suncore Foods® Aqua Blue Spirulina Powder
Suncore Foods® Midori Jade Matcha Powder
Suncore Foods® Red Beet Powder & Suncore Foods® Yellow Goldenberry Powder
Suncore Foods® Ruby Red Radish Powder



1, Pizza Base 1 —Suncore Foods® Red Beet Powder and Suncore Foods® Yellow Goldenberry Powder for the color. Whisk egg yolks with sugar, followed by oil and milk. Add in dry ingredients and whisk till well combined. Divide the batter 2 (yellow): 1 (dark orange): 1 (light orange). Add in Suncore Foods® Powders and mix till desired colors.

2, Pizza Base 2 — In another clean mixing bowl, whisk egg whites with sugar till firm peaks. Divide the meringue 2: 1: 1. Fold in the meringue in 2 parts to the above batter till well incorporated. Bake the yellow batter in a 6-inch cake pan at 140C for 25 mins, and the orange batters as sheet cakes for 18 mins.

3, Pizza “Fillings" 1 — Suncore Foods® Ruby Red Radish Powder and Suncore Foods® Aqua Blue Spirulina Powder for the color.

4. Pizza “Fillings" 2 — Same as above, except divide the batter 2 (red): 1 (green): 1 (plain). Bake as sheet cakes for 18 mins.

5. To Create the Green Color — 1 tsp Suncore Foods® Midori Jade Matcha Powder and 1/8 tsp Suncore Foods® Aqua Blue Spirulina Powder for the green color.

6. Assembly — Cut out various shapes for fillings. Slice the yellow cake into 2 slices and add shredded pizza cheese in the middle. Cut out orange cake strips and wrap around the yellow cake for the border. Add on the toppings and decorate with melted chocolate. Microwave before serving